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B.BICE+ call for travel grants targeting research actors

Objectives of the call for exchanges and twinning

B.BICE+ is committed to foster the establishment of networks between Brazilian and European researchers. As part of this work, B.BICE+ has a limited amount of financing available to support exchanges between EU and Brazilian researchers, with the aim of:

  • Building stronger and long term partnerships between European and Brazilian researchers on priority areas of the EU-Brazil Policy Dialogue on Research and Innovation
  • Promoting the results and visibility of EU-Brazil collaborative research projects at international level.
  • Identifying success stories of EU-Brazil research cooperation.

Modalities financed

This call is aimed at supporting two modalities of EU-Brazil travels:

  • To participate in international scientific events with the aim to promote the results of EU-Brazil collaborative projects.
  • To build or reinforce a long term partnership or prepare future EU-Brazil collaborative research projects (working visits, twining).

The events or working visits must be held between May and October 2015.

Targeted actors

The call is open to research actors based in Brazil or in the European Union Member States and Associated Countries. Each applicant from Europe must have found a partner institution in Brazil and each applicant from a Brazilian institution must have found a partner in Europe.

What are the targeted thematic areas?

This call finances travels grants supporting EU-Brazil research partnerships in priority areas defined by the EU-Brazil Policy Dialogue on Research and Innovation:

  • Marine research
  • Food security, sustainable agriculture and bio-economy
  • Energy
  • Nanotechnologies

Projects in the below areas will be also considered:

  • Sustainable agriculture and Biotechnology/bio-economy
  • Health

The following cross-cutting areas to the above priority areas will be encouraged: ICT, Biotechnology, Climate change, Renewable energies

Support offered by B.BICE+ to the selected candidates

Through this call, support is offered to finance the travel of one representative of a Brazilian or European institution involved in the EU-Brazil research partnership. Travels are eligible only from Europe to Brazil or vice versa.

 B.BICE+ will cover:

 Air travel: Economy class fares on the basis of the shortest and most economical fare available at the time of the grant notification.

  • Contribution to per diem: total contribution will be notified with the results of the call.

The per diems reimbursement will be according to IRD policy and French national regulations for public bodies. It will be notified to the selected candidates.

The contribution to the per diem will be reimbursed after presentation of the “report” (see below: “Commitment from participants”) that will be provided by the participant.

 Maximum amount to be allocated by B.BICE+ per exchange travel: 3000 Euros.

 The co-financing of the exchange travel is encouraged and will be considered among the evaluation criteria.

Expected results

The travel grants must reinforce or contribute to the establishment of durable links between research actors from Europe and Brazil. For this reason, the following results are expected:

  • Definition of a framework for a durable partnership.
  • Recommendations for EU-Brazil cooperation among research actors in the priority area targeted by the partnership.

Commitment from participants

Successful candidates will be required to provide the B.BICE+ project team with a detailed report of the activities undertaken, and the next steps for the proposed project, within two weeks of the completion of the activity. A template for this report will be provided.

How to apply?

Proposals must be submitted before 06th April, 2015.

 Step 1:

Fill in the application form (Annex 1).

 Step 2:

Please submit your proposal (Annex 1) before the indicated deadline by email to, along with:

  •  Curriculum Vitae of the researcher / institutional representative travelling
  • Letter of the candidate’s institution supporting his/her participation to the exchange
  • Letter/invitation from the hosting institution

Please indicate as subject of your application email: Name of your institution – Call – Travel grants


All applications must be submitted in English. Reports of the visits must be also submitted in English.

Eligibility criteria

Only the following applications will be eligible:

  •  Submitted by the targeted actor
  • Applicants have identified their partner institution
  • Complete application form, not exceeding the indicated number of words for each section
  • Targeting the priority areas of the EU-Brazil Policy Dialogue
  • Responding clearly to the objectives of the call
  • Received in time, by the deadline.

Evaluation criteria

 The eligible applications will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

Quality and visibility of the event or quality of the programme of the working visit:The events must ensure a high visibility of the EU-Brazil research partnership. In case of working visits, their programme must add value and be consistent with the objectives of the research partnership. 20%
Quality and experience of the applicant

  • Experience and training
  • Relevance: the core activity of the candidate and his/her organization should correspond to the targeted objectives of the event or working.
PertinenceThe project is related to the thematic priorities of EU-Brazil Policy Dialogue on Research and Innovation 20%
Sustainability The exchange must contribute to reinforce or to establish durable links between researchers from Europe and Brazil. 30%
Co-financingThe exchanges is co-financed by the candidate or the hosting institution 10%

Evaluation committee

  • Representatives of the B.BICE+ consortium.
  • A representative of the B.BICE+ Advisory Board.


  • A representative of the EU Delegation to Brazil


Launch of the call 18th March 2015
Deadline for submission of applications 06th April 2015
Evaluation of the applications 3 weeks following deadline
Publication of the results on B.BICE+ website End of April / begin of May
Visit exchanges May – October 2015


Annex 1: B.BICE call targeting research actors: Application form

 For any information, please contact:

Picture:  © IRD – Annick Aing