The Project


B.BICE+ is an International Cooperation (INCO) project funded by the European Commission whose aim is to enhance bilateral cooperation and to support political dialogue in Science, Technology and Innovation among the European Commission, EU Member States, Associated Countries and Brazil.

Objectives and Activities

The principal objectives and activities of B.BICE+ are:

• To contribute to the ongoing ST&I policy dialogue between the EU and Brazil;

– Providing annual reports to the committee in charge of EU-Brazil bilateral agreements;

• To promote enduring partnerships between EU and Brazilian actors in the whole research-to-innovation chain;

– By developing online tools to encourage and strengthen international partnerships;

– Organizing two Technology and Innovation Forums: one in Brazil and one in Europe;

– Facilitating the exchange between European and Brazilian: Collaborative research teams; Technology transfer offices; Research laboratories promoting collaborative action and  sharing means; Brazilian and European research and innovation networks.

• To facilitate the coordination of EU Member States’ cooperation in research with Brazil on the “program level”;

• To disseminate information on programs encouraging cooperation in research and innovation between the EU and Brazil;

– Hosting of “Information Days” in Europe and in Brazil to raise awareness of the services and activities provided by B.BICE+, promote opportunities for EU-Brazil cooperation under Horizon 2020, advertise Member State and Brazilian programmes ;

• To promote an approach to innovation as an overarching policy objective for EU-Brazil bilateral cooperation;

• To establish a Joint Action Taskforce (JAT) constituted of several European and Brazilian research and innovation institutions, tasked with defining a roadmap for coordination and implementation of joint action with participation of EU Member States and Brazilian institutions;

• Carrying out meetings and workshops to foster the participation of state-level institutions in Brazil (FAPs, SECTIs, etc.) into EU-Brazil cooperation as well as raise awareness of current programs and initiatives.

Work Packages and Tasks

Work Packages